A Gift of Opportunity
A gift of opportunity will present itself to all, but first you must be silent to hear its subtle call. It may not be direct or happen as you like, so listen to your heart, as well as use insight. Inside a life span there are many choices to make, which can be considered

Live Your Dream
If you have become caught in a struggle, enmeshed in a life you don’t understand, feeling lost without a compass, on a desert island that’s considered no man’s land. You may feel you are wandering without direction, in circles, as if caught in a fog, not knowing how to release yourself from the clutches of

Power to Change
The power to change is all in the way, you perceive attitudes or situations each day. Change can eat at emotions of shock, disbelief, fear or denial, that leads to anger and blame, judging as if on trial. So express your feelings and discuss or write from your very core, concerns, fears or

There are so many who are unhappy with life, where they are caught in a time-warp and feel trapped. They have no hope for improvement or a brighter future, because they’re stuck in a state that remains totally untapped. Such situations can be created by fear or jealousy, erroneously comparing self to the

Wounds of Time
When you reach a turning point in your life, and make a decision that cuts your heart like a knife, isn’t it strange why you are angry or resentful now, after all, it was your choice for when and how you visualized your future dream to be, to carry on a legacy that in

Accomplishing Goals
Whenever the goals that you have set to accomplish, just seem too hard or so far out of your reach. With determination, strength and resourcefulness, you will somehow climb and conquer the most difficult peaks. If you focus on your goals without blinking an eye, and are not blinded by obstacles strewn

Is This All There Is?
There comes a time in everyone’s life, when this question stabs at the heart like a knife. Some call it growing pains, as you well know, while others call it change….a mid-life crises, or so. It can be launched by great loss or emotional stress, or by having a near-death experience, no less.

Reach Beyond the Stars
Sometimes in life you must reach far beyond the stars at night, in order to uncover a niche you can call your own special light. You may be surprised at the outcome, not daring to accept, because you feel burdened beneath emotional debt. Life does not hand you everything that your heart desires, for

Autumn Leaves
The brightly coloured autumn leaves are strewn all around, as blustering winds and splattering rains topple them to the ground. Every day you may scrape for hours raking them into bags, only to find overnight Mother Nature played a gag. Once again they coat the grass and cover the sidewalk too, shaking your head

For Those I Leave Behind
For those I leave behind, I bid you each farewell, go onward with your future and the past, do not dwell. Please don’t look so sad and please don’t shed your tears, put away your sorrow and be happy with good cheer. I want you each to know that I am now at