IMF loans, how it works

The loans from the International Monetary Fund assistance that Greece wishes to use, provide countries in need of liquidity at a low-interest rate in exchange for austerity measures. Greece is among the countries with medium to high incomes, affected by the procedure known as “the SBA.”

These loans are for a period of one to two years usually with a repayment spread over three to five years, for an amount that depends on the size of the economy and its needs, at an interest rate unique. This rate is currently 3.26% if the loan amount exceeds a threshold that Greece is likely to exceed.

This international solidarity mechanism was set up after the creation of the IMF in 1944, with the intention of avoiding a repeat of the 1930 crisis, when nationalist reflexes had pushed the world economy into depression. France was the first to benefit in 1947.

The loan is granted at the request of the Member State following a review of his situation, and under conditions discussed by the Fund’s management and the government. The IMF says it wants and “restore the conditions for sustainable economic growth.”

It is then subject to the approval of the Fund’s Board, the highest decision-making body, which voted 24 countries and groups of countries. The conditional aspect and college assistance from the Fund, which includes 186 countries, reflects the will of the exceptional nature of these loans.

IMF assistance should be accompanied by a consolidation of the country’s economy: drastic reduction of the budget deficit and external imbalances, rebuilding foreign exchange reserves and possibly higher interest rates to reduce attacks against the currency.

The IMF pays its loans slice by slice, every three to six months, in principle, by examining the respect of the objectives of the economic program which has committed the country.

These remedies are painful in times of crisis. In some countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia, the IMF’s recommendations have had social consequences that have permanently earned him the hostility of public opinion. Wanting to take these criticisms, the Fund insists for several years on the need to preserve social spending states.

Now’s The Time To Begin A Business For Nothing

The moment a person allow your business to start receiving credit cards as a form of transaction is the moment you open a new world of transaction possibilities. Giving your customers a lot more ways to pay for the goods plus services you offer indicates creating for yourself more revenue-earning potential.

Payday loan by phone can provide fast short-term cash. Payday loans are usually unsecured loans for amounts as much as $2, 000, generally to become repaid on your next short term. To qualify you to need a month-to-month income such as wages from the job, Social Security, joblessness, or even disability insurance investigations. Your income must be direct-deposited right into a bank account that has been open for more than sixty days.

If you are operating an e-commerce site, you know that the easiest way to accept transaction is probably either PayPal or even Google Checkout. This is especially true regarding PayPal if you sell on eBay because PayPal is actually a credit card machine readily included with a shopping cart. They also managed to get easy for you to just create a “Pay” button on your website by providing a section of easy HTML code. On the other hand, if you have the merchant account (having the opportunity to best merchant services for small businesses Australia payment), you will need to “integrate” it with your “shopping trolley. ” The integration leads to the so-called virtual terminal that is a web form for customers in order to fill in with their credit card info.

When you are looking for cash flow, all you require to do is get a work. However, if you are looking for more income, then you may want to look at Payday loan places- Keep in mind that you must have the cash flow of about $1000 to become considered for a payday loan. Should you not make enough money, they will not give you the money. It really is the way these places function.

So many processing techniques. Which one should you choose? There are many transaction methods out there. It’s not nearly credit cards anymore. Customers are actually paying with debit cards, pre-paid check cards, and present cards, among other strategies. Would you like to accept these kinds of payment? That’s just another reason why you need a dharma merchant services review account. In case a customer only has a pre-paid check card, and she still cannot use it at your restaurant, then you definitely lose that business, as well as the restaurant owner who allows that payment method makes the business. See the pattern right here?

The domain name – you need a distinctive name for your website’s tackle or URL. Choosing a great name is a challenge – — you want it to be brief, memorable, and unique. Several web hosting companies will also allow you to register a domain name, and a few will renew it without cost if you host them. Discover this option when you look for web hosting.

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Along with tons of opportunities available today, it can surprising that many have the opportunity to begin their own businesses but they decrease it. Why? Many are suspicious about running a business online and no longer really understand what an online business will be. They also don’t understand how to get started or even what works when starting a property based business.

Some occasions the hardest thing regarding starting something new is just that will start it! Once you attempt businesses that use blind putting in a bid as their model, you’ll never wish to, or need to go back to the way of doing things. A portion of having a successful business has been on the cutting edge, and that’s precisely what blind bidding does to suit your needs, it puts you on the cutting edge of your business. As soon as you use blind bidding as a method for hiring people, you’ll never wish to go back to the old way. The only real question you’ll have once you’ve attempted blind bidding, is why a person hasn’t used it before?


A. Tsang – Croatia – I have to say that the numerology chart is crazy accurate, down to small but very important words like ‘freedom’. It also helped to understand why I was so self destructive while I was growing up, and how to better balance myself so I can use this energy constructively. That’s kind of been a big problem in my life. Most interesting to me in the last few weeks are the parts I didn’t agree with or see at first! For instance, how I tend to use my power over others, or tend not to care about the feelings of others… I guess because I had been so innately doing some of those things that I couldn’t see that I was doing that at all… And it wasn’t until yesterday that I even realized the power thing! So I’m really glad that these things have been brought to my awareness. Thanks again!

Carly C – Van, BC – I decided to reach out to Margaret for a Reiki session because I have been suffering from depression due to a miscarriage and have been having trouble getting pregnant again. I have never tried Reiki before but was curious and wanted to feel better. I sent in a request to do a complimentary reading and Margaret responded right away. After I sent in my name and other details for the healing I didn’t put too much more thought into it. Around noon that day I had an overwhelming sensation of warmth and calmness, maybe even happiness? I went on to the gym and had a lot of energy for my work out that day. I really noticed a shift over the next few days. It was a great experience. Margaret is a caring and powerful healer.

It’s been a few weeks since I received my numerology report from Margaret and all I can say is WOW. I feel like I’ve been given an amazing guide book of my life. One that I can continually reference and look to for help and support. I was surprised to see how much the report rang true and not in a vague, “ya that could be me” way, but rather a very specific and accurate way. I feel as though I have this secret insight into my soul’s blueprint, what I’m here to do, and the lessons I need to learn. I’m searching for my life’s purpose and intended line of work. This report is helping me get closer to that insight.

Antonia O – London, UK – I received my numerology report about 24 hours ago and I believe that this report represents the best investment I have ever made to date. I have not fully absorbed the report but I am overwhelmed by what I have read so far. This report is a blueprint of how I can be the very best version of myself and I feel so privileged to finally have this blueprint. They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear and I feel so blessed to have the teacher appear in the guise of Margaret Jang and this numerology report. Everything I have read so far resonates with my core being. The numerology monthly predictions for 2014 mirror what has transpired in my life so far this year. I am excited and awakened by this report. I will continue reading it and will surely be returning to update this testimonial.

Rona M – Ottawa, Ontario – I am thankful, excited, and still overwhelmed at the information provided to me by Margaret in my numerology soul blueprint. I have a deeper understanding of myself and my mission and my purpose here. Each time I read it I see something else; the picture seems more clear and I understand the work ahead of me. I was wandering lost and now I have a basic roadmap. Lead to her website she reached out to me via email (responding to a simple question I had asked.) I immediately had a sense she would help me on my journey. Being a skeptic of all the practitioners/charlatans out there, I write this testimonial to say whole heartedly – Margaret is the real thing. Thank you Margaret for the gift you gave me. My wish for you is that you continue to share your wisdom and help others like me.

Renata B – Costa Mesa, California – I just want to thank you for my Numerology Soul Blueprint report. I have received so much enlightenment from it, as well as a lot of wonderful insights. In the past few years I’ve been searching for my soul’s real purpose, but it wasn’t clear – I felt there was ‘something’ except I couldn’t pin-point what it was. Your report made it clear for me to see what I was searching for, the true path for my soul, and how to nourish it. Personally it gave me a boost to understand why things are happening the way they are, and what obstacles I need to overcome in order to move forward. I was stuck, the same problems kept showing up, which I wouldn’t face. Instead I played it safe with selfish desire, except in the end it only created an empty space and void. I can go on and on about how wonderful this report is; it truly is a road map for your soul. Thank you so much Margaret!

Irina A – Surrey, BC – Taking Reiki Level 1 with Margaret has been a great experience. I feel that I have not only learned about Reiki, but about myself as well. I now have a better understanding of the reason I feel a push towards the healing modalities and of some of the challenges that I have dealt with in my personal life. Margaret is an honest person and an inspiring teacher, and it is evident that her motivation is helping others and spreading the gift of Reiki. I liked the one-on-one class delivery, as I had ample time to ask questions and discuss the techniques and reasoning behind them. Margaret’s class setup is very professional and well organized, and her personality immediately puts you at ease, making for an enjoyable learning experience. I especially liked the use of the pendulum as aid in directing the Reiki treatment and checking for results. I look forward to taking Reiki Level 2 with Margaret, and would recommend her classes to others.

Nicole – Waterloo, Ontario – Thank you for the free Distant Reiki treatment you sent my way. I didn’t really have any expectations as there are not many “totally free” gifts offered today & I kept waiting for “the catch” so to speak. I was therefore totally amazed & pleased when, after reading your email & accepting the energy from you, I felt a great deal of relief from my arthritic pain. I have now accessed this energy a few times with the same successful results. I just wanted to acknowledge the power of this energy & thank you for your generosity in sending it to me.

Nadine – Killeen, Texas – I wanted to let you know that I’m very, very thankful that I found your services online. The distant Reiki you gave me is amazing and helped me a great deal. The numerology report you made for me hit it right on the nail. I wished I would live closer so I could have personal Reiki sessions with you…. again, thank you so very much and keep up your outstanding work. I highly recommend your work.

Amy T – Burnaby, BC – My experience with Reiki level 2 with Margaret was one of the most enlightening and informative sessions I’ve ever had with a healer. I was very impressed with her warm regard upon meeting her and the knowledge and open demeanour she projected throughout the whole lesson. She did not shy away from any questions or pre-conceived perceptions and was very helpful on suggestions to develop my own skills and abilities as an intuitive healer. I am so honoured and impressed by her sense of integrity and am so grateful to my guardians in leading me to Margaret in my search for soul growth. Thank you so much Margaret!

CB – Van, BC – I found Margaret at an important junction in my life and I would like to say that the services she has lovingly provided have helped me immensely on my path of self-discovery. I visited Margaret for a Reiki session, not particularly knowing what to expect but knowing that I needed to be there. The experience was a very healthy, soothing and illuminating one. As such, I would like to encourage anyone who is searching for a Reiki session and finding themselves here and now reading these testimonials, to visit Margaret. Additionally, after the session was completed, Margaret was open to any questions or ideas I had to share and informed me that she would also like to provide me with a Soul Blueprint Numerology chart. This document has proved to be an invaluable resource that I will revisit many times, shedding much needed light on areas I already knew about myself and those that I was less familiar with. She is a truly gifted healer and teacher. Thank you Margaret, ~Caitlyn Rose

Barbara T – Van, BC – I went to visit Margaret for a Reiki session which was wonderful on its own. I really liked her approach and the fact she asked me if I was open to any note with a more Spiritual imprint. I also liked the fact that she wasn’t in any rush of finishing off, I felt like she was giving me all the time I needed for discussion after the session. Margaret also offered to prepare a Numerology Chart for me, which I got a couple of days after the Reiki session. It was a very long and detailed analysis of my numbers, which required 2 or 3 careful readings. I have to say some of those pages were very difficult to read and still very true. I know part of the healing process is accepting ourself the way we are, and working to develop in a better and wiser being. Thank you so much Margaret for opening this door for me. I would recommend to anyone open for a journey in self-discovery to see her.

Peter – Preston, England – Margaret’s numerology soul blueprint was excellent and described my personality perfectly, plus other parts were also very accurate. I was amazed how much effort has been put in and it took me a while to read through, but it was really amazing. I am very grateful for all of Margaret’s help. I would recommend anyone to have a numerology soul reading.

Sheila H – Van, BC – The Psychic Circle is an intimate setting of about 4-8 people. I feel safe, accepted, and supported with the group. Margaret is a great teacher with a lot of experience in Psychic development. I originally began with Margaret in 2011, and was unsure of what to expect of myself and the group. It has been a great experience so far, and I continue to learn and develop as an Intuitive. Essentially, the group learns to channel for one another and gets feedback once the channeling has been done. This is a great avenue to gain insight of one’s abilities and a confidence builder knowing when you are on the right track! Through the Psychic Circle my connection with Source and intuition has developed considerably. Although there are other psychic developers out there, Margaret really teaches you to step outside of the box and get the answers yourself. This is a teacher that actually guides and teaches you. Welcome yourself to self-empowerment.

Sheila H – Van, BC – Margaret is very thorough and knowledgeable as a teacher. She brings something unique and special to the table. The class is 1-on-1, which I very much appreciated. The Reiki manual provided is thorough, clear and concise, and she is always available through email for questions. Her prices are affordable, yet her experience and knowledge is worth so much more! This is the best teacher you can get out there. Do not hesitate and choose Margaret as your Reiki teacher. You will not regret it.

Sheila H – Van, BC – The Numerology Chart answered so many questions for me! It describes me perfectly, and advised what aspects to work on in my life. If you are lost, and need answers to your life, this chart will change you. If you are truly serious about making changes in your life, then don’t hesitate to get this chart. This is a complete and thorough chart that will give you the answers you are seeking.

Sheila H – Van, BC – My first Reiki session with Margaret was in April 2010. I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I felt I was in the hands of someone safe and secure. My second session was in February 2013, and again she did not disappoint. She has an amazing healing ability, and in both sessions I immediately noticed the effects in how I felt and how my body responded to the treatment. Not only does Margaret give amazing Reiki treatments, but she also gives personal Psychic session afterwards. I felt like it was answers on a soul level. Margaret is a gifted healer and psychic. With so many “healers” out there, it’s hard to say which ones are true to the heart. Margaret is the real deal. She also gave a complimentary and thorough numerology chart, which answered many questions for me. Thank you Margaret!

Natasha G, B.Ed., Educator & Seeker of Knowledge – Richmond, BC – Margaret is a natural Master Teacher. A true teacher focuses on humbly providing truth, meaning, and wisdom. This Master Spiritual Teacher discusses ones true nature and originality. This is implemented in such a way that one remains a humble seeker of knowledge. The truth is delivered to a person with regards to both the knowledge of life, as well as to what a person needs to know, in order to evolve both on a spiritual and intellectual level. She is the first spiritual teacher I have met that does not focus solely on how I am ‘special,’ but also on the areas that I need to improve, so that I may prosper within this life time, and reach the pure wisdom that is necessary in order for me to evolve as a strong, independent, and wise woman.

After I met with Margaret, I felt a spiritual connection to my environment. After I met with her, I also felt uplifted and inspired to live life creatively, independently, as well as responsibly. I soon realized that the insight as to my strengths and weaknesses were needed as it was soon evident after I met with her. There was accuracy in the words she chose in order to respond patiently to all of the questions I asked. I asked every question that I had, due to the trust and comfort level I had with Margaret. I felt I could share all the concerns I had at the time of meeting with her that were both about my life as well as life in general.

I have found a teacher that I feel I need to continue to learn from, and to meet with, in order to gain further insight and benefit on a spiritual, intellectual, as well as on the soul level. Margaret has knowledge that I want to continue to receive, in order to suit the needs I have to help both myself and others.

She inspired me to grow into the complete person that I want to become. She provided this through focusing on confirming my needs that are mandatory in order to be fulfilled. I was also provided with answers to questions I had about my gifts. I learned that I need to nurture these specific gifts in order to become my true self. She also invented within me the need to become an individual that knows, yet concurrently learns, to ‘know that I don’t in fact know.’ This was completed through teaching me in a manner that ridded me of any ignorance or arrogance I may have contained at the time of my lessons.

I appreciate that I have finally gained insight about the truth of myself as well as to the meaning and purpose of my life. I was granted the confirmation that the wisdom of independence and solitude that I have chosen is completely the way I am, and that I will therefore indeed be contented in my future regardless of what others may think or say.

Her knowledge of me, through her accurate psychic insight and thoughtfully written numerology reports, provided me with confirmation as to how I could trust what she shared with me about the gifts I have. The knowledge of my gifts confirmed my ability to continue to pursue strengthening them, regardless of my lack of confidence in these areas.

She most definitely provided me with Reiki training that excited me, due to the confidence I received as a result of my program that was taught by her. I needed to experience meeting Margaret, and I believe that this was a serendipitous occurrence. For all of the reasons I have shared with you, I have chosen Margaret to be my spiritual teacher. I do hope you receive such a fruitful opportunity yourself.

Ananya – India – Margaret, you’re the most wonderful sensitive being blessed by Reiki. I had written to you about my history of childhood abuse and how badly it had messed up my life. I was having suicidal thoughts… but your distance healing brought me peace of mind… your wonderful long emails were full of inspiration and I did receive confidence after reading them… your advice about self-love is so true…I am applying them in my life…thank you for being there.

Alana P – Van, BC – I recently took Reiki level 1 with Margaret and was extremely impressed. The one on one nature of the day created a wonderful learning environment in which I felt comfortable to ask anything along the way. Margaret’s stories were a great personal touch that made the day fly by as I learned the principles of Reiki. I really appreciate how affordable she made the course to increase accessibility, and on top of that she completed an in depth numerology report to help increase self- awareness and further the spiritual journey. I came away from the day inspired, confident, and excited to incorporate Reiki into regular routine. Thank you!

Meg MacQueen – Van, BC – I have had a distant Reiki session with Margaret, as well as a numerology Soul Blueprint chart. The Reiki was wonderful and I felt so much more peaceful afterwards. I’ve also been experiencing better physical health and I’m sure that the Reiki contributed to that. The Soul Blueprint chart is quite extraordinary – very detailed and, as far as I can tell, extremely accurate and informative as well as fascinating! It helps to know more about myself (i.e. the “bigger picture”) in order to understand some of life’s challenges as well as my own tendencies, and to thus have more compassion for myself as well as others. I intend to go back over the chart again and again, as each time I gain more insight. Thank-you, Margaret!

L.B – Van, BC – I took Reiki Level 1 with Margaret and would happily recommend her as a teacher and Reiki Healer. The class was enjoyable, informative and one-on-one, which to me is optimal. I like that Margaret put together her own manual. The material is well organized, easy to access and reflects Margaret’s knowledge of Reiki. Margaret continues to mentor me by email. She is caring, positive and encouraging. On top of all that she generously provided a very detailed, explanatory numerology report. Thank you, Margaret!

Yuriko F – Burnaby, BC – I would like to thank Margaret for a wonderful Reiki treatment. I felt so relaxed after her Reiki treatment. What I liked about her treatment was that she told me what she noticed about my energy and soul. It’s like a counseling about my soul! I received my numerology soul blueprint after the Reiki treatment. Information in the blueprint was enormous that I was overwhelmed, but at the same time I was excited and happy that I finally understand who I am and where I am at. It’s like a map of myself and my life. (And I think everyone should have a map for a great journey!)

FH – Van, BC – Margaret Jang gave me a sensitive, caring Reiki treatment which took in my whole body. I went because I had bruised ribs in an accident. I found that the severe pain which I had when I arrived diminished considerably during treatment. This first experience of Reiki for me was positive, and I will be going for future treatments.

I was most impressed at Margaret’s abilities as a sensitive or psychic, for she had useful insights which led to a fruitful discussion following the treatment.

Margaret did my numerology chart, which was an extensive, thorough discussion of aspects of my soul and character, with both positives and negatives. I ponder over much of it and will have material to think about for a long time. Some of the insights are expected and some are surprising. I had no idea so much could be learned from converting birth information and name to numbers. I recommend the chart to those who want guideposts on the path.

MF – Australia – Thank you Margaret. The Numerology Blueprint was fascinating, illuminating and will be an invaluable resource! The first glance elicited chuckles and ooohs of recognition. The second reading found a few ‘ouches’ and ‘oh dears’. The several readings since have been a revelation. I look forward to using the ‘awareness’ to make the best use of what I have discovered and to strengthen those areas that I had given brief attention to…:-))

DA – Van, BC – I am very grateful for having the opportunity of being treated by Margaret. Years ago I had a very bad fall on an icy sidewalk and since then I have been experiencing pain in my lower back, especially when my body is under stress. Pain became part of my daily life to the point I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I couldn’t walk for long, couldn’t run or play sports. Even getting out of bed was painful. I went through several months of physiotherapy with no apparent improvement. I tried ibuprofen, naproxen and other medication to reduce the pain but nothing…until I met Margaret. She took really good care of me during and after the Reiki treatment. I did experience many side effects for the next couple of weeks, such as nausea, diarrhea, emotional breakdowns, increased pain in my lower back and headaches. I also received a Numerology Soul Blue Print chart which so far has been really useful to me. It is week 3 now and I can say I am pain free! It is unbelievable and I cannot be happier! I am more focused, relaxed and proactive than ever before! Thank you Margaret for this wonderful gift!

Lloyd Jacinto – Van, BC – I want to thank you so much for having me in your 1-on-1 Reiki Level 1 class the other day. Your relaxed personality and the realistic approach you take on teaching Reiki made the experience for me, an enjoyable and memorable one. Unlike other classes that I’ve taken in the past, I left that day feeling as if I actually learned something and I felt comfortable enough to perform Reiki on myself and others when the day was done. The manual you supplied for me is a great reference tool as well. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in learning Reiki and I already plan to return for Reiki Level 2!! Also, thank you for the numerology chart Margaret! I love it. It’s amazing what came out in the reading; my mind was blown away! Thanks again!

ND – Van, BC – It was my first time trying Reiki treatment and it was a pleasure to have that experience with Margaret Jang. She was very positive and provided excellent feedback and guidance. I would recommend Margaret to anyone who is interested in trying Reiki treatment.

SKS – Van, BC – It was a pleasure to meet Margaret Jang and have a wonderful in-depth Reiki treatment. She was very friendly and provided excellent advice and guidance. I would recommend her to anyone who is in search of someone with great Reiki knowledge and understanding.

SS – Van, BC – I am extremely happy that I got the opportunity to have met Margaret. I was very impressed with her values, beliefs and her ability to provide wonderful guidance and advice. I had first tried Reiki treatment with Margaret and I loved her spirit and guidance so much, that I went back for a second Reiki treatment. I would recommend her any time! She is very loving and helpful and always tries her best to guide and help. It was very refreshing to meet a very positive individual.

Maki H, B.Sc – Van, BC – Being trained as a scientist, people are surprised to learn that I refer to numerology for personal growth. It has proven to be invaluable in providing insight into my true nature, both as a soul and as a human personality. I’m a very practical person and seek out information that is useful and can be applied. I’ve had a lot of experience to make comparisons and I can say with absolute confidence, Margaret’s reports are the best quality: accurate, detailed and well worth the investment. The report provides an objective validation of what I intuit. I refer to it frequently for clarity and to be reminded of who I am – the basis for everything. I highly recommend Margaret’s numerology report! Thank you Margaret!

Katryn Harris – Van, BC – Margaret’s numerology chart is amazing. It’s long and detailed (35 pages!) and touches on my values, my motivation, different life stages, challenges and behaviour patterns. There is so much in there that it took me a long time to absorb (and I’m still not there – will need to keep going back to it. I must admit that I was a bit of a skeptic about the idea of Numerology, but Margaret’s warm and grounding energy convinced me to give it a try because I have great faith in her and her intuitive skills. I’m still not sure why numerology would work, but the chart rings incredibly true – I laughed a couple of times while reading it thinking about how much some of my friends and family would agree with different descriptions of how I can behave 🙂 The challenges described in it are definitely part of my life, and the suggestions about weaknesses and what to be careful about provide valuable insight and points for reflection/meditation. But overall the chart is inspiring and makes me think ‘yes, I want to be the best embodiment of these virtues, and yes, the dark side of them is one to watch out for’. Overall, the chart was jam packed with actionable information and ideas – it will still take a long time to digest (maybe never completely) but I will refer back to it frequently. And the opportunities for growth and development are outlined in fascinating detail. Thank you Margaret!

Paul Malvina – Surrey, BC – 2012 is my soul searching year. On my psychic path I came across a wonderful lady by the name of Margaret Jang. I did a Reiki treatment with her and got a complimentary Numerology Blueprint chart. I was so overwhelmed with joy after viewing my chart that my spirit asked for more and so I followed by taking Margaret’s one-on-one Reiki Level 1 course. I completed Reiki Level 1 at another place prior to this, but was not too impressed, and my continued searches lead me to Margaret. This means I retook my first level, but I’m 100% sure that I made the best choice, because it was just what I was looking for. Margaret is so passionate and has all the right attributes for a Reiki Master teacher & healer. Her place, course material and atmosphere is perfect and worth every penny. I recommended my wife for a Reiki healing session and she was very impressed. I saw a lot of changes in her after only the first couple of hours following her session. It was the best decision that she made and she’s feeling so good and very grateful. To everyone who is looking for a reputable Reiki Master with the ability to assist you achieve inner peace through finding yourself, or if you’re looking for the right master for a Reiki healing session or class, I recommend you to book an appointment with her. Margaret is one of the best healers out there and I wish her the best of success!!!

Marnie Hancock, B.Ed., Author/Singer/Artist/Consultant, – North Van, BC – Thank you so much for the magnificent numerology chart and reading! Everything you wrote was very detailed and accurate. There I was, right there! The insights it gave me helped me to understand myself better, and also to confirm parts of what I already knew or had guessed. Thank you again!

George Abmiotka – Langley, BC – I am grateful to providence for providing me with the opportunity to meet Reiki Master Margaret Jang. She is a surprising person; a Master well trained in teaching the healing art of Reiki. The training that I received has brought into my life an absolutely new stream of energy and knowledge. She gives amazing attention to her students and offers an extremely effective one-on-one training procedure, which was definitely a surprise. Her premise is a perfectly equipped facility for training and healing treatments. In addition to the Reiki Master Teacher Level training that I received from Margaret, to my surprise and delight, I also received a numerology reading based on her own research in the field of numerology. This surprising experience has definitely served to push and encourage me to begin a new period in my life. Thank you, Margaret!

LQ – Van, BC – Margaret is an exceptional Reiki Master Teacher & Healer. She has great compassion and patience. Her classes are always organized, informative and fun…as well, a comprehensive manual is given to provide an exceptional learning experience for her students. Her honest, pleasant, good-natured disposition and straightforward approach is what makes her stand out. I highly recommend Margaret Jang for anyone interested in learning Reiki.

SS – Van, BC – I feel the Reiki treatment I received from Margaret was very refreshing and helped me understand myself in better depth. I felt very comfortable with her and felt she was a genuinely kind and caring person. I was also very surprised at how much she knew about my personality and certain things I struggled in life with. Margaret is very knowledgeable and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have received Reiki treatment from her.

Odessa – Van, BC – Margaret’s numerology Soul Blueprint was way more extensive than I was expecting. It was bang on about me being self-employed and managing large groups of people; bang on about being also in the arts/performing (I am a dance choreographer in TV/Film managing large #s of dancers part time and I still also perform); and bang on about my unexpected semi psychic ability recently. It was a bit of a shocker for me to start seeing spirits the last few years. Yikes…which is what led me to Google Margaret’s website. The numerology report was also accurate about my inner thoughts and demons that I had recently become aware of through maturity before asking for the report. I am so excited about Margaret’s numerology accuracy I have signed up for a course in learning what to do with this unexpected and a tad bit scary new ability to accidentally “see unearthly presences” from time to time. If you are tempted to get a numerology report. Do it. My life is forever changed. So much more meaning has been brought to why I am here on earth and why I am the way I am in positive and negative aspects.

Michael C – Burnaby, BC – As our health changes, it is clear that we need to be pro-active in taking care of ourselves – may it be exercise, eating right and/or taking holistic measures. About 3 years ago, a former co-worker brought Margaret to our office. I didn’t know it at that time that she was a Reiki Master! A family member was dying and as I sat beside her, the thought of Reiki crossed my mind and thought Reiki would have helped ease the pain. After the passing, I searched the internet for a Reiki course, and after few days, I came across Margaret’s website. We exchanged emails and phone numbers, and when I sat across from her in the course, I found out this was the same Margaret that I meet 3 years ago. It was meant to be!

My wife and I took Reiki Level 1. It was truly an eye opener. The course fee is quite reasonable compared to those who charge a lot more. The all-day course is taught in a laid-back atmosphere, lots of one-on-one instruction and feedback. Margaret is a compassionate, knowledgeable and experienced Reiki Master. It was a great pleasure to have taken the course from someone who truly wants to help and care.

As a bonus, Margaret compiled a numerology report for both of us. The report was detailed in-depth, highly analytical and it shed some light on areas where I have been completely confused or lost.

Anna Chudyk – Van, BC – I am very thankful that I enrolled in Margaret’s Reiki Level 1 course in May, 2011 and Reiki Level 2 in Dec, 2011. She is a patient and well-spoken teacher, clearly tapped into the vibrations of the Universe. I was the only student when I took the course and I really enjoyed the one-on-one attention. I had a lot of questions, which Margaret took the time to answer, even though it meant that our class ran longer. The course manual was clear and descriptive, balancing the fine line between being content-rich but easy to follow. After the course ended, Margaret took the time to compile a detailed numerology report for me, free of charge, which is helping me understand the essence of who I am, and to help shed some light on where I am going. She has continued to be an amazing mentor via email. I could not have asked for a better experience.

Danielle A – Surrey, BC – I am more than satisfied with both Reiki levels 1 & 2 with Margaret, and if I take Reiki Master Teacher level, I will take it with her without any hesitation. I feel I benefited so much from the one-on-one atmosphere because I felt completely comfortable and relaxed. I recommend her classes to anyone interested in learning and practicing Reiki.

Corey Reeser – California – I was visiting Vancouver for business last winter and felt the need for a little Reiki tune-up session. Not knowing the area, I turned to the internet to find someone and stumbled upon Margaret – and I’m so glad I did! She uses her natural intuitive abilities during the Reiki sessions, resulting in a very profound experience. I always leave with a strong sense of balance and clarity. She has helped me stay grounded while in a foreign country overwhelmed with work, and has really helped me tap into my creative energy when stress has caused it to retreat. I look forward to my next trip to Vancouver so I can visit Margaret again soon!

Melissa K – Van, BC – I love the concept of the one-on-one teaching for Reiki Level 1, as it allows plenty of time to have questions answered, and to work thorough things until they are understood. It is the first time I have taken a course with this much personalized attention, and I will certainly be back! Margaret is both caring and upbeat, and the day just flew by. Her course is very organized, and clearly presented, both verbally and in a wonderful 76 page Reiki Level 1 booklet she produced and provides. There was a lot of information covered, so I am grateful for the beautifully organized binder to continue to flip through and refresh my mind. Thank you so much for your caring, genuine nature and obvious love of helping others. It made for a wonderful weekend!

I was really surprised by the detail and historic accuracy of my numerology chart. I would venture to guess that 70% of the history was in line with my life, and that gives me confidence to believe that some guidance for future choices should likely be heeded. I was amazed at how accurate the time line was for many things that happened in my life, and really appreciate the awareness being brought to areas I should be working on. Of particular importance is knowing why we fall into certain patterns, and understanding contributing factors to this. With a greater understanding with regard to why, I am now better equipped to solve problems, overcome past negative Karma, and move my life, with a little more confidence, toward my goals. Thank you for the gift of better understanding of my subconscious self!

Deanna Prentice – Coquitlam, BC – Margaret’s Numerology Soul Blueprint report is what I feel I have been waiting to hear my whole life. It shed light on areas where I have been confused or completely lost. I was so impressed with her accuracy and thoroughness. Her report helped me to look at all aspects of myself, even the negative ones, with compassion and hope. It has given me incentive to reach my true potential, as well as feelings of excitement for the future. I am amazed at how she can know all of this about me! This has truly been an answer to my prayers. Many thanks Margaret!

Jacyntha C – Van, BC – I feel very lucky to have found Margaret and I have benefited a huge amount from the healing I received during my Reiki session, I feel much calmer and more myself. She also is full of a lot of wisdom and really is very generous with all her knowledge, and I am looking forward to my next visit with her!

I was surprised how accurate my numerology reading was! It went in-depth into the type of person you are, and gives insight into understanding your soul’s journey. It explains a lot about how you may handle emotions in life and why you may be sensitive to different surroundings, which in my case has a huge benefit in assisting me to live my life in an easier way!

Eli A – Auroville, India – I have had the pleasure of doing one-on-one Reiki Levels 1 and 2 with Margaret and it was such a wonderful learning experience. The pace and timing of the course was very well done – she explained things slowly and clearly to ensure that I am able to grasp the concepts effectively. She also kept an open atmosphere where I can interject and ask questions anytime. Margaret is very meticulous in her work as she provided a workbook manual containing all the pertinent course material – not many Reiki teachers do that! The venue was also very conducive to learning as she provided a massage table for demos and a student’s chair and table for the lectures. The training I received through her has made me a confident and effective Reiki healer and for that, I will be eternally grateful. As a Reiki teacher and healer, Margaret comes highly recommended in my books! 🙂

Delma Lobo – Sechelt, BC – I received my Reiki Master Teacher level training from Margaret on a one-on-one and would highly recommend this way. It put me at ease, allowed me to focus and best of all; I had the teacher’s attention to myself alone. Lovely! The course was comprehensive and Margaret is a compassionate and caring being. Thank you.

Thank you Margaret for the time you have taken to produce this amazing and accurate numerology report. I have learned about my strengths and weaknesses. I feel more knowledgeable and have a better understanding about my past. Now, I am able to engage in the process of letting go whatever it is that restricts my growth. It has definitely touched my spirit in a very positive and empowering manner.

Josee Galipeau – Squamish, BC – This testimonial is to emphasize the benefits of a one-on-one course with Margaret. I took all my Reiki levels with Margaret on a one-on-one basis and I really appreciated the time that the she spent with me. It was great to have all of Margaret’s time and energy for myself. I could ask questions anytime and we could ¨fast forward¨ some parts of the class that I already had knowledge about or we could spend more time on subjects that I needed to expand on. I loved the format of the class and I would recommend potential Reiki students to take a one-on-one class with Margaret, because she can meet your needs easier this way. It is also great, because at the end you can practice on each other and there is more time for this when you are the only student – it is a more personal way of learning.

Since taking Reiki Level 1 through Reiki Master Teacher level with Margaret, all areas of my life are enhanced by a greater connection with the universe. Daily, I can feel my warm hands and the energy that emanates from their center. My heart is charged with universal energy, love, peace and I feel very harmonious, powerful and connected to the source. Reiki helps me understand the world and how to relate to it in a positive and creative way. Another benefit I find amazing, is the feeling of protection that stays with me after my daily meditations. I feel a great peace and harmony while practicing Reiki meditation and breathing. The feeling of cleanliness, grounding and protection I gain from these simple, quick daily meditations is incredible; but indeed, so simple that it is within everyone’s reach. The greatest benefit of all, is to be able to participate in the healing process of my loved ones, other people, the earth and other living beings that surround me.

Reiki definitely connects me to the source and helps me feed on universal love and energy and to always feel energized and positive.

I benefited from Margaret’s numerology reading in that it gave me some feedback surrounding the important events of my life. It also helped shed some light on aspects of my personality and also assisted me in understanding some of my life’s challenges and drives.

Karin Lavilla – Van, BC – I contacted Margaret Jang for a Reiki treatment and was extremely pleased with the session. I felt relaxed and calm after the treatment. She was very caring and gave me some very helpful advice for my present and future. Since my session I have followed her advice and find that I am feeling much better emotionally. I also received a Numerology Soul Blueprint Chart which was filled with a lot of helpful information.

Danielle A – Surrey, BC – I found the Reiki Level 1 course far exceeded my expectations. The one-on-one atmosphere allowed me to feel comfortable and open and I finished the day feeling confident about everything I learned. I am strongly considering taking the Reiki level 2 course very soon!

I am astonished at how quickly Margaret finished my numerology chart. At first I was very taken aback and overwhelmed. But after further review, I certainly feel more comfortable with whom I am becoming. I now feel more confident knowing my direction and Margaret’s report has helped me to realize the path I want my life to take.

Ann Marie Cross – Ontario – Margaret Jang’s numerology chart has been an enormously helpful addition to what I call my life’s “toolbox”. I was astonished at the degree of accuracy in describing where I’ve come from, and as far as helping me get to where I need to be, it’s practical usefulness can’t be overstated. It is a powerful guiding light in my life, keeping me in alignment with my true purpose, keeping me in touch with the Big Picture.

Lorraine Sims – Van, BC – Margaret’s numerology report has inspired me to begin writing again. The chart gave me the boost I needed to re-charge my creative energies and share my knowledge with others. I greatly appreciate the thoroughness of Margaret’s report as it provides guidance and insight in all areas of life – career, finances, home, relationships, health, etc. I was so pleased that I referred Margaret’s services to a friend who said it was the answer to her prayers. Thank you.

Tommy T – Indonesia – The Numerology service was really great. I’m shocked to find out who and how I am at a greater in-depth level and it’s almost entirely (95%) true.

Tommy T – Surrey, BC – The Reiki Level 2 class with the “one-on-one” teaching method was really wonderful. Margaret’s teaching method absolutely promotes a strong connection between teacher and student.

Angel Cazares, Reiki Master – Mazatlan, Mexico – One of the best gifts I’ve received from the Universe! Margaret’s Numerology Chart was right on the spot, as it provided detailed insight as to what I must learn and what I must accomplish in this life, including my strengths and weaknesses. It is an extremely valuable tool for understanding the path that one needs to walk.

Adriana – Caracas, Venezuela – My numerology report was in-depth, highly analytical, and leaves one with a lot of reflection to do. It seems quite complex at the beginning, but necessary if you would like to know about yourself. Also, it serves as a reminder of your essence of being.



A Gift of Opportunity
A gift of opportunity will present itself to all, but first you must be silent to hear its subtle call. It may not be direct or happen as you like, so listen to your heart, as well as use insight. Inside a life span there are many choices to make, which can be considered

Live Your Dream
If you have become caught in a struggle, enmeshed in a life you don’t understand, feeling lost without a compass, on a desert island that’s considered no man’s land. You may feel you are wandering without direction, in circles, as if caught in a fog, not knowing how to release yourself from the clutches of

Power to Change
The power to change is all in the way, you perceive attitudes or situations each day. Change can eat at emotions of shock, disbelief, fear or denial, that leads to anger and blame, judging as if on trial. So express your feelings and discuss or write from your very core, concerns, fears or

There are so many who are unhappy with life, where they are caught in a time-warp and feel trapped. They have no hope for improvement or a brighter future, because they’re stuck in a state that remains totally untapped. Such situations can be created by fear or jealousy, erroneously comparing self to the

Wounds of Time
When you reach a turning point in your life, and make a decision that cuts your heart like a knife, isn’t it strange why you are angry or resentful now, after all, it was your choice for when and how you visualized your future dream to be, to carry on a legacy that in

Accomplishing Goals
Whenever the goals that you have set to accomplish, just seem too hard or so far out of your reach. With determination, strength and resourcefulness, you will somehow climb and conquer the most difficult peaks. If you focus on your goals without blinking an eye, and are not blinded by obstacles strewn

Is This All There Is?
There comes a time in everyone’s life, when this question stabs at the heart like a knife. Some call it growing pains, as you well know, while others call it change….a mid-life crises, or so. It can be launched by great loss or emotional stress, or by having a near-death experience, no less.

Reach Beyond the Stars
Sometimes in life you must reach far beyond the stars at night, in order to uncover a niche you can call your own special light. You may be surprised at the outcome, not daring to accept, because you feel burdened beneath emotional debt. Life does not hand you everything that your heart desires, for

Autumn Leaves
The brightly coloured autumn leaves are strewn all around, as blustering winds and splattering rains topple them to the ground. Every day you may scrape for hours raking them into bags, only to find overnight Mother Nature played a gag. Once again they coat the grass and cover the sidewalk too, shaking your head

For Those I Leave Behind
For those I leave behind, I bid you each farewell, go onward with your future and the past, do not dwell. Please don’t look so sad and please don’t shed your tears, put away your sorrow and be happy with good cheer. I want you each to know that I am now at


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Healing Request

How Reiki Distant Healing Works
For the application of Reiki Distant Healing, the Reiki practitioner consciously directs Reiki (or universal energy) through the use of Reiki symbols – particularly, the Reiki distant healing symbol, also called Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen.

The heart chakra works in direct correlation to the Astral Plane, which is situated just above the body’s aura and as the Reiki practitioner channels energy from the Universal Source into their physical body, the energy is redirected to their heart chakra. The Reiki practitioner’s heart acts as a transformer, transforming the channelled energy back into loving, spiritual energy before telepathically transporting Reiki, via the Astral Plane, to assist in the client’s healing process.

Distant healing (also called absentee or remote healing) requires less treatment time, because Reiki energy bars no boundaries as it instantly travels through time and space. In order for a Reiki practitioner to be a more effective distant healer, it is crucial that they strengthen not only their physical, emotional and mental bodies, but also their spiritual connection to the Universal source, also referred to as Universal consciousness or God consciousness.

Although distant healing does not replace the benefits of a personal hands-on experience, it does however warrant special consideration for aiding in unique circumstances. This method is generally requested by friends or family for individuals who do not live locally or who are unable to travel. The Reiki practitioner may obtain the client’s permission either by e-mail, fax, telephone, directly in person or psychically. If permission from any of these sources is unavailable, then the Reiki practitioner can, by focus and intention, direct the healing energy to the client’s spirit team (guides, angels, etc.) who will then re-direct it to the client at the appropriate time.

Although feedback from the client is not always necessary, in order to build greater awareness and confidence in both the practitioner and the client, it is an added benefit to both if a response is given as to whether treatment proved beneficial or if continued distant healing is required.

For more information, please view the article Reiki Distant Healing Overview, which is also listed under “Categories” and “Archives” in the sidebar menu.

Procedure for Distant Healing
For a “complimentary” Reiki distant healing request, a preset time or appointment is not required.

Instead, Margaret sets an “intention” beforehand whereby Reiki is sent on a timed-release basis.

The healing energy is received by the client at the most appropriate time.

Afterwards an e-mail confirmation is forwarded to the client.

The above information is not intended to replace, diagnose, prescribe or treat any ailment or to be used as a replacement for medical treatment or consultation. It is only intended to enhance your knowledge or general interest and is offered as an alternative and complimentary source of information. In all cases, it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed by your medical physician.



Spiritual Poetry – How to Write
To clarify matters, poetry was never easy for me. In school I did not enjoy reading, deciphering or writing poetry, especially Shakespearean and Haiku, where both forms were bewildering and left me feeling dumbfounded. So when poems started filtering through me many years ago while in an altered state of consciousness, I was totally surprised

Completing Reiki Master Teacher Level
For those who have chosen to advance to this final level of Reiki……. congratulations – well done! Original Three Level System Just for clarification… my Reiki curriculum, because I follow the original three-level system of Usui Shiki Ryoho (or Usui Style Healing), my Master Teacher Level is considered the third and final level of Reiki.

Who You Really Are
At some point in your life this very confusing or frustrating issue has most likely confronted you. Who Are You? It’s a simple, but complex question. So be honest – just who are you, really? Many may be unwilling to delve further, scoffing that this is a silly, useless question, after-all, of course they know who

Reiki & Animals FAQ
What is Reiki? Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) translated from Japanese means spiritual energy. Reiki is not a religion. It is a holistic, light-touch, energy-based healing method introduced to Japan by Tendai Buddhist priest, Mikao Usui (Pronounced Mick-cow Ew-suey), during the early 1900’s. It can be applied directly either hands-on (light touching), or hands above (no

What Legacy Will You Leave?
The query, “When you depart from this world…..what legacy will you leave?” is what most people prefer to ignore, because it creates a vulnerable, uncomfortable feeling that only confirms imminent mortality. It is true that the majority of people do not want to discuss preparing a Will & Last Testament or pre-approve funeral arrangements,

Find Your Truth to Capture True Power
This is not physical power True power, which I speak about in this article, has nothing to do with physical prowess, but rather it is a state of consciousness (or being) once you find your soul’s authenticity. Be honest How many can honestly admit that they are 100% contented with their life? How many

To be of Service
It never occurred to me that this topic would be confusing to distinguish. However, to some “being of service” seems to imply that they must offer a free benefit, while to others it is merely viewed as providing a particular trade that benefits the needs of others, but for a set fee. Still,

Your Soul’s Purpose through Numerology
Uncover your soul’s purpose through numerology in order to answer the age old question of …….. Why Are You Here? Are you unsure why you are here or question what your true purpose in life is supposed to be? Conceivably, you have reached a period in your life in which you know, deep

Avoid the Victim Role
Whenever you are faced with crisis or an emotional upheaval, avoid being caught or stuck within the victim role. To achieve a more successful outcome, it is necessary to change your attitude, open your awareness, face the truth, take responsibility and face your demons by being an active and positive participant, rather than remaining passive or negative-minded throughout your healing

Advancing to Reiki Level 2
Thinking About Reiki Level 2 Most likely, if you are reading this article, you have completed Reiki Level 1, the self-healing level – wonderful, well done – congratulations!….and now you are contemplating about whether to take Reiki Level 2. However, before advancing to Reiki Level 2, first determine your true motive. Reiki Level 2


About us

Margaret’s personal journey into integrative (or holistic) healing began in 1991, after being diagnosed with a debilitating health condition. After trying conventional treatment, deeper inner urges compelled her to research into alternative healing methods. Miraculously, over a period of time, a full recovery was attained.


Margaret truly believes…… “The power to heal is now yours. Only through change is there growth and only through growth is there change, so be ready for both!”


This profound healing experience inspired Margaret to search for a deeper meaning to life; thus she began a remarkable personal journey “within” to re-awaken, re-establish and access realms that had been long-forgotten. Margaret is dedicated to share valuable knowledge and wisdom gained through her own incredible journey, education, beliefs and experiences.


Over the years she fully trained in several modalities including Gemstone & Crystal healing, Numerology, Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho style) and Psychic development.


After completing Reiki training, many years were dedicated assisting others through teaching them the techniques of Reiki and also psychic/channelling development. But now her focus has shifted to philanthropic interests.


As a Philanthropist
With age comes wisdom, or perhaps it should be described as more profound wisdom. Philanthropy is a way to share, plus give back to society, either locally or globally, and this is what now fuels her passion.


At the present time, Margaret’s focus, time and energy is geared toward making and donating items for charity……. a very worthy endeavor!


Complimentary Distant Reiki healing is still offered, just click on the “Distant Reiki” tab to make a request.

As a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet and Writer
Margaret began receiving meaningful guidance and inspiration containing “higher” knowledge and pearls of wisdom in 2002.


It soon became apparent that these insights or teachings undoubtedly were meant to be shared with those who are unfolding in their own spiritual journey and are now ready to recognize or acknowledge this information as blessings or gifts shared from the spiritual/Universal realm of higher consciousness.


Margaret’s Vision
It is very evident that in order for our present world to evolve and sustain itself, its energy vibration must be raised to a higher, lighter, purer resonance. But for this to occur, each person must learn how to raise his or her own energy vibration in order to create a more positive domino effect.


Undoubtedly individuals are becoming increasingly aware that each has an important role to play, but first they must change and heal themselves from “within,” at their soul level, instead of searching from the outside at the material level.


But the question is, “How is this accomplished?”


Margaret foresees that the key is through developing soul awareness resulting in personal empowerment. As each individual experiences higher awareness of their true self, strength and confidence will build, thus producing higher levels of self-love, self-esteem and self-worth. One by one, each individual will become happier, more peaceful, more contented, more loving and more openly aware. This in turn will automatically raise the global consciousness level to a higher and more positive energetic state.