Spiritual Poetry – How to Write
To clarify matters, poetry was never easy for me. In school I did not enjoy reading, deciphering or writing poetry, especially Shakespearean and Haiku, where both forms were bewildering and left me feeling dumbfounded. So when poems started filtering through me many years ago while in an altered state of consciousness, I was totally surprised

Completing Reiki Master Teacher Level
For those who have chosen to advance to this final level of Reiki……. congratulations – well done! Original Three Level System Just for clarification… my Reiki curriculum, because I follow the original three-level system of Usui Shiki Ryoho (or Usui Style Healing), my Master Teacher Level is considered the third and final level of Reiki.

Who You Really Are
At some point in your life this very confusing or frustrating issue has most likely confronted you. Who Are You? It’s a simple, but complex question. So be honest – just who are you, really? Many may be unwilling to delve further, scoffing that this is a silly, useless question, after-all, of course they know who

Reiki & Animals FAQ
What is Reiki? Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) translated from Japanese means spiritual energy. Reiki is not a religion. It is a holistic, light-touch, energy-based healing method introduced to Japan by Tendai Buddhist priest, Mikao Usui (Pronounced Mick-cow Ew-suey), during the early 1900’s. It can be applied directly either hands-on (light touching), or hands above (no

What Legacy Will You Leave?
The query, “When you depart from this world…..what legacy will you leave?” is what most people prefer to ignore, because it creates a vulnerable, uncomfortable feeling that only confirms imminent mortality. It is true that the majority of people do not want to discuss preparing a Will & Last Testament or pre-approve funeral arrangements,

Find Your Truth to Capture True Power
This is not physical power True power, which I speak about in this article, has nothing to do with physical prowess, but rather it is a state of consciousness (or being) once you find your soul’s authenticity. Be honest How many can honestly admit that they are 100% contented with their life? How many

To be of Service
It never occurred to me that this topic would be confusing to distinguish. However, to some “being of service” seems to imply that they must offer a free benefit, while to others it is merely viewed as providing a particular trade that benefits the needs of others, but for a set fee. Still,

Your Soul’s Purpose through Numerology
Uncover your soul’s purpose through numerology in order to answer the age old question of …….. Why Are You Here? Are you unsure why you are here or question what your true purpose in life is supposed to be? Conceivably, you have reached a period in your life in which you know, deep

Avoid the Victim Role
Whenever you are faced with crisis or an emotional upheaval, avoid being caught or stuck within the victim role. To achieve a more successful outcome, it is necessary to change your attitude, open your awareness, face the truth, take responsibility and face your demons by being an active and positive participant, rather than remaining passive or negative-minded throughout your healing

Advancing to Reiki Level 2
Thinking About Reiki Level 2 Most likely, if you are reading this article, you have completed Reiki Level 1, the self-healing level – wonderful, well done – congratulations!….and now you are contemplating about whether to take Reiki Level 2. However, before advancing to Reiki Level 2, first determine your true motive. Reiki Level 2