About us

Margaret’s personal journey into integrative (or holistic) healing began in 1991, after being diagnosed with a debilitating health condition. After trying conventional treatment, deeper inner urges compelled her to research into alternative healing methods. Miraculously, over a period of time, a full recovery was attained.


Margaret truly believes…… “The power to heal is now yours. Only through change is there growth and only through growth is there change, so be ready for both!”


This profound healing experience inspired Margaret to search for a deeper meaning to life; thus she began a remarkable personal journey “within” to re-awaken, re-establish and access realms that had been long-forgotten. Margaret is dedicated to share valuable knowledge and wisdom gained through her own incredible journey, education, beliefs and experiences.


Over the years she fully trained in several modalities including Gemstone & Crystal healing, Numerology, Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho style) and Psychic development.


After completing Reiki training, many years were dedicated assisting others through teaching them the techniques of Reiki and also psychic/channelling development. But now her focus has shifted to philanthropic interests.


As a Philanthropist
With age comes wisdom, or perhaps it should be described as more profound wisdom. Philanthropy is a way to share, plus give back to society, either locally or globally, and this is what now fuels her passion.


At the present time, Margaret’s focus, time and energy is geared toward making and donating items for charity……. a very worthy endeavor!


Complimentary Distant Reiki healing is still offered, just click on the “Distant Reiki” tab to make a request.

As a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet and Writer
Margaret began receiving meaningful guidance and inspiration containing “higher” knowledge and pearls of wisdom in 2002.


It soon became apparent that these insights or teachings undoubtedly were meant to be shared with those who are unfolding in their own spiritual journey and are now ready to recognize or acknowledge this information as blessings or gifts shared from the spiritual/Universal realm of higher consciousness.


Margaret’s Vision
It is very evident that in order for our present world to evolve and sustain itself, its energy vibration must be raised to a higher, lighter, purer resonance. But for this to occur, each person must learn how to raise his or her own energy vibration in order to create a more positive domino effect.


Undoubtedly individuals are becoming increasingly aware that each has an important role to play, but first they must change and heal themselves from “within,” at their soul level, instead of searching from the outside at the material level.


But the question is, “How is this accomplished?”


Margaret foresees that the key is through developing soul awareness resulting in personal empowerment. As each individual experiences higher awareness of their true self, strength and confidence will build, thus producing higher levels of self-love, self-esteem and self-worth. One by one, each individual will become happier, more peaceful, more contented, more loving and more openly aware. This in turn will automatically raise the global consciousness level to a higher and more positive energetic state.